Room #2,369

Today we brought some copper into the house…

It’s magical in appearance, like a golden fish out water one moment and a flash of lightning the next.

We went on a little adventure. Briefcases and love bombs.

The Hotel had it’s Grand Opening, to Cat.

She was speechless, as I often am… In her presence.

When we first started dating, we called our romance, A Grand Love Story.

When we went into lockdown, we imagined our home as a Fancy AirBNB.

We threatened to name it.

I bought the URL and started working on the site.

Almost a year, later, Room #2,369.

A Grand Love Story


Cat and I met in 2014. We live together. When the Super Bug hit the USA in March, we went into lockdown, like everyone else. 
As days turned into months, we missed travel and socializing. Cat had to close her dance studio. People were getting sick. Relatives died. It was hard to understand. 
As a way to cope, we imagined our home as a fancy hotel or AirBNB somewhere. If we had to be inside, we would make the inside brilliant, we painted rooms and decorated.
We have always been one of those couples that people complain about, we just love each other. Whenever we referred to our romance, we always called it a grand love story.  When we started working on a name for our fictional AirBNB, I bought the website ‘A Grand Love Story’. 
I envisioned it as a digital version of our hotel, every day created a new “Room” in the hotel, featuring images and notes. 
Room #1 is the first day we met, August 8, 2014 (I had to ask to make sure)
Room #2,369 was just a day or so ago. 
Every few days, the hotel sends her a Room # from our past, with pictures and memories. 
The important thing to know is that you can write you own Grand Love Story.
Here is how I invited Cat into A Grand Love Story a few days ago:
Step One: I bought a flask from Sertodo and had A Grand Love Story engraved on it. You should do the same. Put the date of your first kiss, whatever. 

Step Two: Hide the gift somewhere cool. Ask yourself, “Does this make a good story?” 

Step Three: Send your partner a note about where to find the loot. 

Step Four: Get Hugs.

Copper from Sertodo.

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