Room #2,131

june 8, 2020 15,574 days old

cat’s tattoo artist dropped dead from an asthma attack without her inhaler which is lame
ever have something be so good, it bums you out that it has to end
this weekend.
four bike rides since friday
went to the weird ‘used’ bike store on saturday to look at bikes.
super odd
he just has hundreds of bikes
some cool old cruisers by schwinn
just piles and piles of bikes
must be 600 bikes
in piles
it’s chaos
but it works for that dude
which is cool
allergy attack city, jeeze
few sneeze attacks that lasted 20 +
very intense
the garbage man comes soon on monday morning
alan watts continues to dance on my skull
getting into his books
just trying to be, instead of be something
to look at the systems that have educated me
white christianity, the serious overlord, the god over there
someone watching
vs. the hindu traditions of you being the god
you being in charge
you creating the play and the other gods come through to move it along to its ultimate state, destruction and rebirth
which is kind of rad

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