Room #1

a grand love story - leonardos

August 8, 2014 Paper Parasols line the lives of the two HOTEL guests. Leading the way to A Grand Love Story. “What’s in the box?” I could tell Cat was trying not to sound too eager, to play it cool. But this was new territory. No man had ever treated her this way.  A small … Read more

Room #460

November 1, 2015 It’s in the moments between things where we strive to achieve the things that matter most.

room #2,271

October 26, 2020 “The weirdest times rage on outside the hotel. Derecho and corona and trump dash against our shores and we stay inside, locked up in the safety of our dreams, reaching out to create love. To control our vibrations and expand everything, as we create a new world.” At least there are Ninjas… … Read more

Room #2,369

Today we brought some copper into the house… It’s magical in appearance, like a golden fish out water one moment and a flash of lightning the next. We went on a little adventure. Briefcases and love bombs. The Hotel had it’s Grand Opening, to Cat. She was speechless, as I often am… In her presence. … Read more