Room #460

November 1, 2015 It’s in the moments between things where we strive to achieve the things that matter most.

Room #512

January 1, 2016 January 1, 2016: Our adventure took us to Solon, for a treat at Big Grove. New Year’s Day, 2016

Room #849

December 4, 2016 849 Days into A Grand Love Story Away for the evening in a new location. A beautiful Prairie Style Hotel that felt a bit like being inside an old boat… The wood was captivating, whispering of meetings and whiskeys of yonder year. She planned everything. It was glorious. We there only guests … Read more

Room #1921

11/10/2019 Picked up Cat at the airport from Dublin. She is a radiant cause. A destination for woman to stop and dream. I am beyond fortunate. Touching her is like playing a instrument, a music temporarily put on hold, to set back into the jam.

Room #2,119

May 26, 2020 6:16 am tuesday after memorial day soft light cool outside, humid, spring heft

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Room #2,131

june 8, 2020 15,574 days old cat’s tattoo artist dropped dead from an asthma attack without her inhaler which is lameever have something be so good, it bums you out that it has to endthis weekend.four bike rides since fridaywent to the weird ‘used’ bike store on saturday to look at bikes.super oddhe just has … Read more

Room #2,132

June 9, 2020 A Grand Love Story Awake in the shadow of at least one storm… The guests danced with the duplicity of disaster and growth. Overdelivery and exceptional expectations. Dancing in the garage in heels and other love stories.

room #2,271

October 26, 2020 “The weirdest times rage on outside the hotel. Derecho and corona and trump dash against our shores and we stay inside, locked up in the safety of our dreams, reaching out to create love. To control our vibrations and expand everything, as we create a new world.” At least there are Ninjas… … Read more